Things I’ve learnt this week: 1

05 Aug

My daughter explained to me that the reef shark has the longest tail* and that she can use the word eventually correctly in a sentence. She also used indirect inference to attempt to finagle an ice cream.

Easy work you think? Perhaps. But then my daughter, Bethany, is only 3 and a half. We have known for a while that Beth’s vocabulary is good, yes she occasionally gets words wrong and uses them in the wrong context or uses the wrong verb tense – she’s not even an infant, Benji, get a grip! However, her grasp of some complex language and its use is quite staggering. Take eventually for instance. We were driving back from granny and grandads and it was raining.

“It’s raining daddy.” “I know, it’ll brighten up soon though, we need a bit of rain,” said I. “Yeah, the rain will stop eventually.” came the response.


As for the finagling… Beth heard mummy and I discussing ice-cream or I-c-e as we have had had to start spelling it to avoid listening ears (both children now!). Shortly after this conversation, Beth started telling us how hot she was, she mentioned that she was sweating and was very hot indeed. “Do you need a drink, monkey?” “No, I think an ice-cream would cool me down though.”


*I am now aware that technically a Thresher Shark has the longest tail (although I’m prepared to stand corrected). I only found this out after researching the Reef Shark information. Thanks Beth, a piece of information I would never have known.

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