As time goes by…

27 Aug

It came to me this week that time is moving pretty fast, and, as Ferris said: ‘… if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.‘ Ah Ferris, wise words indeed.

The reason for this recent bout of thoughts concerning time and teaching came as I saw several of my past pupils finishing one stage of their life and preparing for another this week. Class 4, my first ever class as a qualified teacher consisted of year 4 & 5’s. I saw through Facebook that several of those children were now ready to start university. Brilliant news, I wish them all the very best; university for me was a fantastic time and definitiely helped shape me, but my ‘ickle’ Y4s going off to uni – where did the time go?

What was a real delight this week was receiving about two-dozen messages from my first ever Y6 class telling me their GCSE results. They did so well, and I, of course, am thrilled for them but personally I admit a sense of joy in that they wanted to tell me – 5 years on. Oh the wonders of social networks!

Ten years have passed since I began my road to teaching; I wonder where the next ten years will go and where and what those members of Class 4 and 6W will be doing then. 🙂 All the best guys, keep me posted.

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