Day one

07 Sep

Well, ok, so I was kind of expecting today to be hard, to be tough in many ways. I know I’m going to miss my last class – that’s for sure, and I had that sense of apathy that comes from a long summer break. I also had to teach… all day! I mean, that’s craziness!

 Having said all that, we had a good day today: no moans, a few smiles, my classroom is still tidy, I’ve had several cups of tea, far more shortbread than I should have had (thanks Belinda) and a decent afternoon. We looked at the blogs and the school email system. The children enjoyed sending mails to their friend next to them and delighting in the little ‘ping’ as it appeared on their screen (much the same way we do!)

 This has to be the highlight of my day however, an email, replied to from a girl in my class – I shall not mention names, as ever. But it made me smile:

 hi mr waldram

i had the best day at school

 i am so glad you are my teacher

 Wow! Suddenly the day is not quite as bad as I expected. Cool beans 😉


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