04 Mar

So, I haven’t posted anything for some time, this year in fact. There are plenty of reasons why, tiredness, busyness, B&S taking (well deserved) time and many other things but, I thought, enough is enough: time to get back on it. And what better day to do it than my birthday.

I hit 37 today. Not a milestone, nothing special, although, as a dear friend (The Shoestring Gardener) liked to remind me – I am now most definitely in my late-30s! So what did I do to mark this occasion? Plenty. Team Waldram decided to have a day together, we did a bit of parental family stuff yesterday so we wanted it to be just the four of us today.

We began with a lie in (7am) and a cup of tea in bed – nothing fancy I hear you cry, but for a family of early-risers (B&S) and a Dear Wife that despises tea, I thought I did pretty well. This was followed by a bacon sandwich – complete with candles – and coffee whilst I opened my cards and gifts. We later, hit church and then Frankie & Benny’s. Beauty!

This was rounded off with a little mid-afternoon snooze whilst DW took B to a party (another in a long line of weekend parties – who knows what she will be like in 10 years time!)

I like to make out that I’m not the biggest fan of birthdays, I enjoy them, don’t get me wrong but they’re not as magical as Christmas, and as I get older, they somewhat lose their appeal (maybe it’s the slow realisation that 40 is around the corner!) Today, however, was great. Food, Fun & Family. 🙂


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