13 Mar

So, I’ve deleted some of my old posts, tidied up, done a bit of digital house-keeping and now I’m (almost) ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Well, to blog and blag anyway.

I have many failings, some of them, I’m all too painfully aware of but one of them is trying to do too much, too quickly, too often. I am interested in many things and soon get hooked in to something, especially if it’s new (and geeky). I am currently running four blogs, a website, four Twitter accounts, copious emails and underneath it all, I’m sure I still have a teaching job to do, and that of an assistant head no less!

Oh yes, I’m also a husband and dad to two! Whoop! Ok, you get the picture. Some of these mindless ramblings are going to be created over on the Desk Clutter blog, just because… This blog, however, I intend to keep as my daily/weekly distressed/successes and joys of being a dad to B&S and husband to DW (Sarah)

Here are some of the many links – take a look, comment, post, share, re-tweet, get involved. See you later 😉










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