The Best gift ever?

18 Aug

Who hasn’t received one of these mugs in all their years of teaching? (Well, I know @mr_t2 hasn’t; he has to settle for mugs shaped like wine gums that are totally inefficient for drinking from) but everyone else in the teaching world must have had one… or more. Surely?


Well, here’s the thing: how can any of us receive this mug? I mean, it’s acceptable for me to receive one (being the world’s best teacher and everything) but how can anyone else? Have the mug makers forgotten what best means? Do they not understand that you cannot beat a superlative? There is no well more bestest (well, actually…)


Imagine my disappointment when I proudly walked into the staffroom brandishing my mug like a trophy when two or three other members of staff rock up with their own – their very own – mugs declaring that they are the best teacher in the world.


I felt cheated!


If these companies are to continue producing these mugs (and pens and cards and coasters and more) then surely they should just make one mug and be done with it. They could auction it, how much more would it be worth then? How much more would the teacher value it? For all you other teachers who aren’t the best, you could be bought one that states, not quite the best but a good runner-up or the best teacher… I’ve had this year.

That only seems fair and sensible to me.

Mug makers of the world unite; I expect full co-operation by next summer.

I await my mug with eager anticipation.

See here for the posts to maltesers ratio. Scary! 

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