Goodnight, sleep tight…

09 Sep

So, as of late, The Boy has formed a new habit – he is a habitual creature, far more than his sister ever was or is – and this habit is wanting myself or DW to sit with him whilst he drifts into the blissful land of sleep.

For those of you without children, I’m sure you may be wondering what the issue is: just sit and tweet while you wait, or read a book, have a snooze (done that plenty of times) and for those of you with children, you must surely be murmuring a little ‘mmm’ and offering me a nod of general appreciation. I suppose the issue is that I want to be downstairs with DW having my tea (on the occasions we don’t eat all together) or tidying up or cracking on with some work.

I know, these last couple of reasons seem like The Boy is doing me a favour.

I suppose that after a long and tiring day, including a now obligatory wrestling session with B&S just before bathtime, that I want to go downstairs and I feel rather indignantly that I deserve to. I do get to go downstairs, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not as soon as I want. And that’s it! It’s what I want. I should have been thinking more about what S wants, yes, it’s a habit and yes, he can be trying but if he needs his daddy, then he should have his daddy. So, I sit there and read or tweet or, and scary as it seems, have been known to sing soothingly to him.

DW suggested I take my laptop with me. I could do my work as I sit there, which is far more productive than tweeting and playing online scrabble but not nearly as fun, and then I would have my time free* when I came downstairs. A solid gold plan.

So, tonight is the second night of Operation: Laptop. Night one was working/planning and Night two is blogging about it.

I can’t guarantee that the posts that appear during the Bedtime Blog will be exciting but they will help me from slowly going insane. And surely that is a good thing.

Online Scrabble will be caught up with later, fear not.

*Free for chores, of course.


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2 responses to “Goodnight, sleep tight…

  1. judedalton

    November 15, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Have a similar issue but have to cuddle as he drifts off. The challenge of trying to extracate yourself from his vice like grip without waking him then ensues! All good fun?


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