It just doesn’t add up.

11 Nov

So, I read recently on the BBC website that calculators were soon to be banned from KS2 tests as  children weren’t bright enough to use them. Well, that’s sort of what it said. Check it here: Basically, we need to stop faffing about and teach our children the basics of arithmetic and have that soundly ingrained in them before we hand over a calculator.

I have no issue with the principle of deeply-rooted arithmetic, it is something I truly believe in. But, to take away calculators just because children don’t know their times tables? Is that a little similar to not teaching them semi-colons because they haven’t mastered the full stop and the capital letter?

I sat there scratching my head and felt a little put out by Education and Childcare Minister Elizabeth Truss’ comments. But, alas, she obviously knows best; I am merely just a teacher where she holds a much higher and loftier position than I. Although, reading her comments that:

“All young children should be confident with methods of addition, subtraction, times tables and division before they pick up the calculator to work out more complex sums.”

did incense me a little. I thought sums were for addition only?

Oh yes, they are. Tut tut Miss Truss. Need to secure that basic knowledge before moving on to the next step.


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