06 Jan

I’m not even entirely sure what #nurture1213 is; I saw it on a few people’s posts and liked the look if it, so here’s mine.It’s in no particular order…

12 things to be thankful for in 2012

I know that I have so much to be grateful for and that I have to remind myself of these things whenever I am unappreciative or grumpy (ask DW and she’ll tell you that’s more often than not).

1: A supportive wife (DW) who understands my need for peace and quiet and tries to give it me; who is a great mum and an improving cook ( šŸ˜‰ ) and who encourages me in my pursuits – however time-consuming and trivial they may be.

2: Two fantastic children. B&S are trying and exhausting, as all children are, but they are truly wonderful. Well behaved, intelligent, funny and keen to try new things.

3: My iPhone, DW upped my tariff last Christmas and haggled me a free one. It was the least they could do after I’d had my Samsung flip for the best part of a decade. I use it too much and there are times when she wishes she never bought it for me.

4: Our new home, after months of searching and deliberating on where to move, when to move and what to move into, we finally opted for a place close by. A lovely, cosy house with a massive garden.

5: My job: so many people turn up to jobs they do not like, I am in a rare position of liking mine. A lot. Sure it’s stressful and the school I teach at has many needs and areas to develop but I love the difference I make and the children I work with. Want refreshing honesty and the feeling of satisfaction? Work with children.

6: Twitter: this may seem self indulgent but I have learnt so much and shared so much with other educators. It’s amazing – like a digital staffroom.

7: NHS: I have had problems with the Waldram knee for some years now and it has reared its ugly anterior head once more. I am due for a bout of physiotherapy in the next fortnight to attempt to sort my arthritic pains.

8: My friends: I am blessed with many friends and it’s a shame that I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like – ’tis a phase of life.A few to mention here: Woody, Andy, Eddie, Matt, Bax, Jimmy, Charlie, Rhys,Ā Ā Jude,Ā Greeny, Taffy, Ā GingeĀ & Bummer.

9: My family: I am fortunate to have two families: mine and my wife’s who are both fantastic. They are helpful, more generous than I can put into words and truly loving. It is great to get together.

10: Arrested Development: A show I’ve been meaning to watch for years after a glowingĀ endorsementĀ from Woody. Finally, I have watched and enjoyed. A masterclass in American comedy writing. #G.O.B and #Tobias rule.

11: A good start to the term: B started school in September and, despite it being one of the longest terms ever, survived and is enjoying it.

12: Answers to prayer: We have had a very hectic and, at points, difficult year. With exhaustion, DW finishing work, moving house, expecting baby number three and many other things, it has been amazing to see our prayers being answered.

13 reasons to be excited for 2013

1: The imminent arrival of our third child. Baby Waldram number 3 will arrive by ‘sunroof‘ at the start of February.

2: A shorter term: Although I love my job, 10 weeks with a week off before Easter sounds good to me.

3: Summer BBQs: When we moved our new place, a large gas barbecue was left on the patio and I am salivating with anticipation already.

4: Geeky stuff: Having taking over ICT this year, there are lots of things I want to do to push the subject forward and to get the children learning what they should be doing.

5: New projects: Due to the wonders of Twitter, I have forged many friendships with other teachers, one of them is with @mrlockyer who I will be presenting something new at a teachmeet in February (just before reason no.1 arrives).

6: De-cluttering: Technically, this should be in the 2012 list. As we moved, we managed to halve our possessions. Getting rid, to charities, friends or ebay, was such a cathartic and enjoyable process. There will be more this year, I can feel it already.

7: Reading: I feel like I have barely up a book in the last 6 months and am excited to be feeling like I have the desire to read again. I have, like, a thousand books lined up already.

8: Summer performance: Last year, we did the Shakespeare 4 Kidz (S4K) version of Macbeth and it was fantastic. Not sure about this year yet but have put the feelers our for The Tempest or R&J

9: More blogging: I have not been up on my blogging recently, I have plenty to say (nothing of massive interest) but have struggled to snag time to do it properly. Need to take a leaf out of @ianaddison ‘s book.

10: The gym: The James Bond Beach Body Diet – or, to lose a couple of stone and look fitter. DW and my family bought me a gym membership and have hidden the exciting food. Time to get fit.

11: Chrome Books – not to keep, but on a trial basis next week. We’ll have them for a month and I’m pretty excited about what we can do with them.

12: Church: We might finally have gotten to a position where one of us (myself or DW) can go to church on a Sunday evening, probably mummy with child #3 for the near future.

13: The Pentagon: Team Waldram will be a 5, could be a pentag(ram) but that’s already a shape. A penta(wal). Well, there are 5 of us and that can only be exciting too.

Loads of other stuff to be grateful to God for but that’ll do for now.

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