Investors In Pupils

12 Jan

Lots of schools have an Investors In People (not just schools, all sort of companies do) and it was only sensible that the right people put the emphasis where it counts: on the pupils. Hence, the Investors In Pupils standard. A few schools across the country have worked on this and now fly their logo on the letterhead:


There are currently no schools in Derby that have this, so we are very excited to be going for it.

We already have a school council, which most schools do, but the IIP model runs deeper and wider than that. The children have academic targets and we wanted to give them personal ones too: Can I tie my shoelaces? I promise to tidy my room once a week; I will bring my teacher a rosy red apple every Friday; I will score five goals this season etc. We also look at budgets, where does the money go? How much is a pencil? We reward the class for careful use of their stationery by giving them a chunk of budget to spend on… whatever they like. One of the first things that we did was to advertise the jobs we do in school: toy monitor, bookshelves organiser, audio-visual team, they are all worthwhile jobs and we wanted to ensure that the children doing them really wanted them. They had to apply for the jobs and include a reference. We didn’t do an interview process this time – maybe that’s something we will consider in the future. See the forms below, download and use.

More updates to come soon.


Shelton Junior School Job Application Form

Vacancy for book shelf organisers – Years 3-4

Vacancy for fruit stall

Vacancy for music & hall monitor

Vacancy for toy monitor




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