Telephonic observations – new post from a new head.

15 Sep

From my buddy, Mikey. New head.


Telephonic observations.

I managed to get my friend and new head Michael to pen a few thoughts about beginning the road to headship… BGW

Tell me what it’s like to be a ‘new head’ he said, ok, here goes…

My chair creaked, the way old chairs do, the fake leather chipped and worn by the previous occupant.  I wriggled a little, trying to fit my slender derriere into the two cavernous indentations that had been left behind.  My legs were stretched and crossed underneath a desk so vast that I worried that even I would be unable to cover it completely with paper as I am want to do with every other surface I’ve ever worked at.  The desk, nay my desk, looked exactly like all ‘new head’ teacher’s desks should look.  Lap top and printer perpendicular to each other, A4 ‘grown up’ diary flush to the left hand edge…

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Posted by on September 15, 2013 in BATTTUK, Thoughts & Musings


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