The Waldram Dictionary

23 Sep

In case you ever wondered, it’s here: The Waldram Dictionary, in its entirety.

Please note, it’s not grammatically correct. If you use it in your work, children, or you use it in a job interview, it  will not go down well. It’s not correct… but it is well wix.

New words are creeping into our language all the time, none more so than from the blessed lips of Mr Waldram. You can purchase the brand new pocket edition of Waldram’s Oxford Dictionary from Amazon at a bargain price of £12.99 or you could just sample a few of his choice selections here.

All over it: (noun phrase) when you are definitely going to do something or indeed have tried something that you really like and therefore like it a lot. E.g. “W, are you enjoying putting embedded links into the blog?” “Yes, T, I am… I’m all over it!” (generated by Mr T)

Beauty Street: (noun/adjective) Beauty Street is the place to go for everything beautiful; also an adjective to describe something that is great. For example: “Puck, that acting was well Beauty Street.”

BOOM!: (adjective) when you have scored a direct hit; when you have had a real success with something. The 6BW had, like, a trillion hits last night – BOOM!

Checkit: (verb) to have a look for yourself at something truly amazing.

Cool beans/cool beanz: (noun) descriptive comment to express feeling; like no worries or job done.

Coolpoints: (noun) You may award coolpoints to people if they have done something particularly impressive. E.g. ‘Wow, I love your Hawaiian shirt – give yourself 10 #coolpoints’

Disasterful: (adjective) if it can go wrong, it will go wrong – the ultimate disaster. Problem City

Foolism: (nounjective) As discussed in our grammar groups, when something is so daft, it’s like – that’s so foolism.

Fridgepoints: (noun) (see coolpoints) Normally attributed to anything that looks extremely tasty stored in the fridge.

Geekpoints: (noun) Awarded for anything nerdy or geeky, knowing the school’s wireless code and proxy server off by heart; solving issues with Office without even looking at the laptop.

Hotpoints: (noun) Only a true master of the #points system may dish these out – you need to have a keen eye and a smooth tongue. E.g. ‘Well, hello… your ankles are certainly looking ravishing today.’ *raises eyebrows*

Living the Dream: (adjectival phrase) When something is so good, so perfect, you are literally living the dream. “Dude, I just caught an awesome wave back there – I was hanging ten, living the dream. Cowabunga!”

Living the Digital Dream: (adjectival phrase) Similar to the one above, however, this is electronic. The Blog, for example.

LOL beanz: (noun) very similar to cool beans but with added lol (generated by Clodagh)

LOLETH: (noun) when something is truly hilarious – Laugh Out Loud Everyone Together Happy (generated by Emily Fearn and Katrina Holmes)

Nesslyfull: (adjectivea mixture of 3 suffixes and it means extremely talented.

Pfft!: (exclamatory noun) If something is a load of rubbish or you just totally disagree with something and you have nothing to say, then Pfft! sums up your thoughts entirely.

Plezj: (noun) pronounced similarly to treasure – the shortened version of pleasure. For when life’s too frantic to say ‘It’s a pleasure.’ E.G. ‘Thanks for that report, it was very helpful.’ ‘Plezj.’

Plopadoppalus: (adjective) when something is well not gooder – like, proper worser!

Prawdziwa historia: (true story) Polish translation

Roods: (adjective) When something is so impolite and rude, it is considered roods. E.g. “Dude, when you dissed me the other day for wearing pink trainers, that was so roods, you’re just well jel.”

Sozmaloz: (noun) when you have doing something wrong and you want to apologise sincerely, totally and utterly – you are very, very sorry.

True Story: (noun) when something is an absolute fact; cannot be argued with. e.g. Sunday is the day after Saturday – true story or Mr Waldram is well more betterer at stuff than Mr T – true story.

True Storyville: (noun) place where everything is true – the home of all things honest.

Truman Show: (noun) when the truth is so blindingly obvious, it has to be clear to all: Truman Show.

Waldramising: (verb) to make something well more betterer.

Waldramisms: (noun) a collection of words or phrases coined by the wordmaster himself.

Well Good: (adjective) when something is like, literally, well good.

Well more betterer: (adjectival phrase) when something is a direct comparison to something else, e.g. Mr W is well more betterer at jelly drinking than Mr T.

Well more betterer: (adjectival phrase) when something has been Waldramised.

Well more super betterer: (adjectival phrase) when something is even more betterer than normal (generated by Liam Sharpe)

Well jel: (adjectival phrase) if a person is envious of someone or something, then well jel (pronounced well jel) is the perfect retort. “My skateboard is well more betterer than yours!” “Pfft, nah, mine’s well wix, you’re just well jel.”

Whoop! (noun – exclamation) when one simply cannot contain their excitement and all they can burst forth is the utterance of true joy: Whoop!

Whoop-da-loop😦noun) see Whoop! but with added Whoopishness.

Wix: (adjective) Exclamation of pure wickedness (in the good sense), if something is really great, it could also be wix. This has been used in some more urban areas as a cool and hip phrase, especially with boys. “Wix, innit.

Yummers: (noun) the sensation of something being extremely tasty, that Camel pie and chips I ate last night was truly Yummers!

Yupadeedoodah: (noun – exclamation) The acknowledgement of something correct. “Is 6BW well more betterer than 6NT?” “Yupadeedoodah”

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