GTA eve…

03 Dec

It’s GTA eve…

I’m excited.

Having spent all day at a Pupil Premium conference, my brain is somewhat full, bursting with good ideas and things I need to implement back at school. I love having a day where I get to soak up new learning, new initiatives, anything that I know will help the children at my school.

However, my brain is, as said, full. To bursting.

I was going to write a blog post about GTA anyway but now I’m doing it simply to offload. I have been told by many to ‘prepare for a brain dump’ – there will literally be so much to discuss, so many ideas at Google HQ that I will positively pop if I don’t get them all down.

I’m not a southerner and get nosebleeds if I travel further south than Leicester but tomorrow will be worth it. To be honest, the notion of stepping into Google HQ and embarking on another digital adventure hasn’t really registered much – I’ve kinda been too busy: desk-tidying deputy and distressed dad and all…

I did partake in a Google Hangout last week with the rest of Team Archimedes, my DW listened in and called me a geek at opportune moments. Fabulous fun.

So, that is it, the next post I write will be post-GTA. I will be full of ideas and projects. Stay tuned, I will definitely want to share and may want to trial things with YOU.

It’s GTA eve…

I’m excited.

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