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Anti-bullying week resources

Toanti-bullingmorrow marks the start of another Anti-bullying week. I know, like so many other areas in school, we don’t just deal with issues of bullying in one week but it gives us a focus; an opportunity to re-address key ideas and scenarios.

I hope the resources and links are useful. If you want the Publisher doc of the PDF, just email, comment or tweet me.

Anti-bullying week – PowerPoint (cyberbullying focus)

cyberbullying poster – PDF


Interactive Anti-bullying video – you choose what happens.



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Tweetable links and goodies.

Have recently prepped a load of my (and @batttuk’s) more popular links into a ‘tweetable’ form. Lots of good stuff here – not all mine. Take a look.

My TMMidlands presentation – Ben’s Google Tools: Boogle #ukedchat

GTAUK: food for thought and stomach

#esafety poster idea (used in anti-bullying week) #ukedchat

Maths: layered learning – an Ofsted like. #ukedchat

#Y3 #tagrugby plans

Macbeth resources: a veritable hoard/horde #Y6 #shakespeare #ukedchat

Positive behaviour card #ukedchat

Circuit training cards with Action Man #ukedchat #pe

#Y6 spellings: a collection to use & abuse #ukedchat

Maths & writing marking policy – a step in the right direction? #ukedchat

Punctuation tally stickers – very useful. Levels 3,4 & 5 #ukedchat

ICT AUP – acceptable use policy #ukedchat

Level 6 grammar resources (not mine – just passing them on) #ukedchat

Alice in Numberland – a large problem-solving pack. Can be tailored to suit. #ukedchat

Who is responsible for the death of King Duncan? #shakespeare

Adverbial phrases homework #ukedchat

#esafety presentation to parents

Shoved-in-clauses: embedded clauses, a festive take…

Want 20gb of FREE cloud space? A couple of clicks and you’ll be there. COPY is fab.

Using twitter in education. @ianaddison @ideas_factory

Surviving an EBD school via @njthurly #ukedchat

Twitter Magic – guest post by @ICTMagic

#batttie by @johnmayo

#battt week guest posts – old but still great to read. #inspiration

10 ways to use twitter – a helpful guide. #ukedchat

Twittering Tweachers @sorrell_km #ukedchat

School Twitter Account @basttuk #ukedchat #bastt

Twitter Tips from @syded06 @mracolley #ukedchat #battt

What the # are hashtags? #ukedchat

The 10 stages of Twitter: stolen from @syded06 #ukedchat

Pimpin’ the profile – make yourself ‘followable’ #ukedchat #battt

Breaking out of the egg shell – show us who you are. #ukedchat #battt


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TM Midlands – Boogle

My super-speed presentation at #TMMidlands – feel free to check the links and see if you’ve missed anything.


The presentation

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Positive Behaviour Card

I have used this with all year groups (KS2) and it has proved very successful and simple. A good dialogue to establish their reward and a precursor to any more significant report. Puts the onus on the positive side rather than the negative.

I always photocopy the card onto green paper/card too, adds the impact.


positive behaviour card anytown

Positive Behaviour Card – staff notes

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Investors In Pupils

Lots of schools have an Investors In People (not just schools, all sort of companies do) and it was only sensible that the right people put the emphasis where it counts: on the pupils. Hence, the Investors In Pupils standard. A few schools across the country have worked on this and now fly their logo on the letterhead:


There are currently no schools in Derby that have this, so we are very excited to be going for it.

We already have a school council, which most schools do, but the IIP model runs deeper and wider than that. The children have academic targets and we wanted to give them personal ones too: Can I tie my shoelaces? I promise to tidy my room once a week; I will bring my teacher a rosy red apple every Friday; I will score five goals this season etc. We also look at budgets, where does the money go? How much is a pencil? We reward the class for careful use of their stationery by giving them a chunk of budget to spend on… whatever they like. One of the first things that we did was to advertise the jobs we do in school: toy monitor, bookshelves organiser, audio-visual team, they are all worthwhile jobs and we wanted to ensure that the children doing them really wanted them. They had to apply for the jobs and include a reference. We didn’t do an interview process this time – maybe that’s something we will consider in the future. See the forms below, download and use.

More updates to come soon.


Shelton Junior School Job Application Form

Vacancy for book shelf organisers – Years 3-4

Vacancy for fruit stall

Vacancy for music & hall monitor

Vacancy for toy monitor




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NQTs: Enthusiasm Vs Experience

Remember when…

Remember when you were an NQT? You had secured your job, had visited school several times to plan out your first classroom, to begin the never-ending laminating marathon and to try to learn the rules (both school and staffroom) before September 1st.

Everything seemed so new and fresh, you were enthusiastic and eager to do everything and to do it well. You literally couldn’t do enough work. You’d be first in and last out and you’d take a pile of books home with you that would put a serious dent in your car boot.

Any iniatives that were floated around the school, you’d run with; a display would be up about it before the end of the school day.

Ah, those were the days.

We have two NQTs with us this year, both keen and eager – it’s great. I joked with a colleague how enthusiastic they were; how excellent their displays were and how we’d soon beat that enthusiasm out of them with a sharp demoralising stick.

It was a joke, of course. But how quickly does cynicism or exhaustion kick in? With Gove and his wondrous fairy tale ideas being dreamt up, it is hard not to sigh with exasperation and to plod on. Just keep plodding on!

There are teachers in most schools who have seen it all and done it all. They just want a few more years of easy plodding until they can finish. Not all teachers are like that, thankfully. There are those who have been at the chalkface for ten, twenty or more years who are still enthusiastic, still brimming with ideas and still energetic towards the job. I consider myself one of those people (not everyday, mind!) and am priveleged to work with a lot of staff who are equally committed and still have that passion for the job.

If you are fortunate to have an NQT this year, guide them, nurture them, help them and learn from them. They have just completed their training and will have a different perspective to ours. Use their energy and enthusiasm to spur you on, to remind you of ‘ah, those were the days’.

I am looking forward to this year very much, I can see exciting things happening, especially being shaped and driven from our two newbies. We need to be there as mentors and friends.

NQTs – you will want to do everything and you will want to do it perfectly, that is only natural. You have to be careful to not be disheartened though when the experienced staff members leave before you with no books and they appear more chilled than you. That’s experience.

You will become more experienced as the days, weeks, months and years zip by but keep hold of that enthusiasm. Remember why you wanted the job in the first instance. It may seem cliched or twee but we are here for the children. If we can’t be enthused about making a difference to their lives, then we are in the wrong place.



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The Business Blog: Enterprisers

So, I’ve deleted some of my old posts, tidied up, done a bit of digital house-keeping and now I’m (almost) ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Well, to blog and blag anyway.

I have many failings, some of them, I’m all too painfully aware of but one of them is trying to do too much, too quickly, too often. I am interested in many things and soon get hooked in to something, especially if it’s new (and geeky). I am currently running four blogs, a website, four Twitter accounts, copious emails and underneath it all, I’m sure I still have a teaching job to do, and that of an assistant head no less!

Oh yes, I’m also a husband and dad to two! Whoop! Ok, you get the picture. Some of these mindless ramblings are going to be created over on the Diary of a Distressed Dad blog, just because… This blog, however, I intend to keep as educational as possible.

So, here we go: Today began the first day of our Enterprise Project. An annual event that the year sixes look forward to as much as the summer performance and endless games of rounders. The first year grouped 12 children, the second year: 16 and this year, 29 have thrown themselves into the mix. They will have to organise, prepare, run, be financially responsible and critique their stalls/newspapers/ICT tasks and teamwork as well as blog their individual thoughts on the Enterprise blog. Finally, they will have a formal interview with local businessmen (people).

Phew! A mammoth task considering the upcoming SATs, performances, arts week, transition and, of course, endless rounders.

Keep checking back to the blog(s) for more updates. Subscribe. Get involved.

If you’re interested in any of the Enterprise ideas, let me know, I can send over what I’m doing and you could try it out. The progress the children make in a handful of weeks is amazing 🙂










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