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Tweetable links and goodies.

Have recently prepped a load of my (and @batttuk’s) more popular links into a ‘tweetable’ form. Lots of good stuff here – not all mine. Take a look.

My TMMidlands presentation – Ben’s Google Tools: Boogle #ukedchat

GTAUK: food for thought and stomach

#esafety poster idea (used in anti-bullying week) #ukedchat

Maths: layered learning – an Ofsted like. #ukedchat

#Y3 #tagrugby plans

Macbeth resources: a veritable hoard/horde #Y6 #shakespeare #ukedchat

Positive behaviour card #ukedchat

Circuit training cards with Action Man #ukedchat #pe

#Y6 spellings: a collection to use & abuse #ukedchat

Maths & writing marking policy – a step in the right direction? #ukedchat

Punctuation tally stickers – very useful. Levels 3,4 & 5 #ukedchat

ICT AUP – acceptable use policy #ukedchat

Level 6 grammar resources (not mine – just passing them on) #ukedchat

Alice in Numberland – a large problem-solving pack. Can be tailored to suit. #ukedchat

Who is responsible for the death of King Duncan? #shakespeare

Adverbial phrases homework #ukedchat

#esafety presentation to parents

Shoved-in-clauses: embedded clauses, a festive take…

Want 20gb of FREE cloud space? A couple of clicks and you’ll be there. COPY is fab.

Using twitter in education. @ianaddison @ideas_factory

Surviving an EBD school via @njthurly #ukedchat

Twitter Magic – guest post by @ICTMagic

#batttie by @johnmayo

#battt week guest posts – old but still great to read. #inspiration

10 ways to use twitter – a helpful guide. #ukedchat

Twittering Tweachers @sorrell_km #ukedchat

School Twitter Account @basttuk #ukedchat #bastt

Twitter Tips from @syded06 @mracolley #ukedchat #battt

What the # are hashtags? #ukedchat

The 10 stages of Twitter: stolen from @syded06 #ukedchat

Pimpin’ the profile – make yourself ‘followable’ #ukedchat #battt

Breaking out of the egg shell – show us who you are. #ukedchat #battt


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Tag Rugby plans Y3

After years of teaching tag rugby to Y6, my first foray into teaching Y3 was not quite as successful as I first had hoped. I quickly discovered that I would have to seriously tailor my plans. Week 1 alone was going to take at least 2/3 weeks…

Well, at least until the children get used to how I run things and how quickly I expect them to get changed, warmed up etc…

One tip for reducing the time it takes to get changed is to play Bruce Springsteen’s Born to run. 4 and a half minutes of adrenalin-filled class. That’s how long they have to get changed – no more.

Below are my plans for autumn 1 – year 3 tag rugby.

Many thanks to @ali_bowman23 @sarah__wright1 @stephenconnor7 and anyone else I’ve missed (soz) for their help and plans. Cheers.

MTP grid tag rugby Y3

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Circuit Training Cards

A set of circuit training cards with exercises performed by Action Man. Y5/6 found these very useful and used them to plan their own circuits with.


It’s a PDF so if you want the original publisher file, email or tweet me.

Circuit training cards

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