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#C2C – the final countdown

Two weeks ago, the boys and I attempted a 30+ miler, with hills, to help prepare ourselves for our #C2C journey at Easter. We were aiming to cycle all over Derbyshire, up hill and down dale. We made just under 30. Pretty much a marathon. We did indeed encounter plenty of hills (some fearsomely beastly) but it was all good training. We had an enjoyable day, a cracking (if not over ambitious) pub lunch and an opportunity to test out the bikes in the wild, as it were.

What concerned me slightly was, as we arrived back at the Team Leader’s ranch, wet and tired, that we had cycled only half of the first day’s target. Could we have cycled the distance again? Unlikely. But, we knew we were at home, we’d finished. Mentally, we’d clocked off.

The rest of the Wheezy Riders have been training brilliantly, thighs are pumped, bikes are serviced and endurance is brimming at an all time high. Not for Benji however…

Tonsillitis hit me this week and the knowledge that I had to fit yet another flat tyre. With less than a fortnight to go, there are lots of preparations, including some night-time rides that need to be squeezed in to my hectic schedule.

So why then are we doing it? Why are a group of wheezy riders cycling the width of our country? For charity, it’s simple.

Andy & Nigel are cycling for Sarcoma UK – LINK

Rhys is cycling for the Dogs Trust – LINK

Matt is cycling for Anthony Nolan – LINK

And I’m cycling for Derby Kids Camp – LINK

So, if you’ve got time, click a link or text WBEN75 to 70070 with your amount.

Don’t let us push ourselves without good cause. Thanks.

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#C2C – the battle of man v bike.

… or rather, man and bike. I have no intention of going to war my trusty steed – it has to support my rotund buttocks for 140 miles.

So, the story. My good friend (and team leader) Nigel cycled the width of the country last year and had been encouraging (pestering) us to join him the following year. I was up for it, to be honest. I love a challenge – I have been known to make some rather bold and ridiculous ones during the last couple of decades: walking Lands End to John O’Groats, climbing to Base Camp and a personal favourite: Rowing to France in a two-man boat. This, however, I could do.

We leave in 8 weeks!

I’ll be honest (again) I have been monumentally busy at work (a different blog post or two) and being a #distressedad is never conducive to bizarre, macho challenges, so when the date was agreed, I thought I had ages to prep.

We leave in 8 weeks!

I mean, I’ve ridden before, you know to the park and back with the boys. Sometimes even with a bag of papers on my back but this was different. It seemed…bigger.

We are to ride the 140 miles or so over three days: day 1 – 60, day 2 – 40 (mostly uphill) and day 3 – 40. I am looking forward to it very much, the idea of pushing myself physically is not something I’ve done for a while and I am relishing the chance to train and to spend time with Team Wheezy Riders.

We are: Rhys Morris, Matt Waldram, Andy Barker, Paul Doyle, Steve Baxter and Team Leader: Nigel Woodings.

There is another reason for cycling: I believe that if I am doing this, then someone should benefit from it. I have worked with Derby Kids’ Camp for a number of years and think the work they do is brilliant. Take a look at their website for more information. You can sponsor me in a number of ways, probably the easiest is via a text.

Text WBEN75 and your amount to 70070 – just a couple of pounds is all it takes to make a difference. Site HERE


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#C2C – sponsorship

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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