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Anti-bullying week resources

Toanti-bullingmorrow marks the start of another Anti-bullying week. I know, like so many other areas in school, we don’t just deal with issues of bullying in one week but it gives us a focus; an opportunity to re-address key ideas and scenarios.

I hope the resources and links are useful. If you want the Publisher doc of the PDF, just email, comment or tweet me.

Anti-bullying week – PowerPoint (cyberbullying focus)

cyberbullying poster – PDF


Interactive Anti-bullying video – you choose what happens.



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e-safety poster design

As part of Anti-bullying week, I am leading the whole school through a few elements of e-safety. I have already delivered a starter based on a few elements to tease our way into it – see HERE. On Monday I will be using two videos: Jigsaw for the Y5/6 and Animal Magic for Y3/4. Both videos are available for free download on the Thinkuknow site.

After the session with me, the children will be going back to class to work on other elements of friendship and anti-bullying week. (I personally think Simon Haughton’s idea of calling anti-bullying week ‘friendship week’ is much better.) The children will have to design an e-safety poster based on what they’ve learnt but with a spin. They have an iPad template (other tablets are available) and they have to create the apps and say what each app is for. There is a blank template and my version as a demonstration.

Feel free to try them out and let me know what you think.


anti-bullying week pres PPoint – kept it simple. To work alongside the videos as mentioned above. The majority of the images included therein are from the thinkuknow website. 🙂

esafety poster idea PDF

The original is a publisher file – if you want that so you can tweak it, email me:

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