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Macbeth: The Making of a Monster V

Well, today we had the first rehearsal after our half-term break. It was ok. If we had several weeks before our performance, I would be feeling nervous about completing it in time but confident we had a spell-binding show on our hands.

We don’t have several weeks!

We have 19 days!

I am not normally a man prone to panic; I feel comfortable that I can deal with most situations but the slow, creeping dread of dress rehearsal day (16 days away) looms near and shows me that we are not going to be ready…

Just to add a couple of other variants into the mix, we have three days out for our French residential and a couple of days worth of transition (by a couple, I of course mean 4 or 5). There is also sports day (Olympic-themed of course) and many other mini-things that all eat away at our all ready over-crowded and rapidly-diminishing timetable.

Having said all that, I feel good. We have a talented cast and once the make-up is applied, the blood is made and the lights are on… we will have a show.

By the pricking of my thumbs… something hectic this way comes.


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Macbeth: the Making of a Monster IV

Just a quickie this time… click the LINK and go see the Witches.

‘…those black and secret, midnight hags!’


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Things I wish I hadn’t learnt…

I get to see an awful lot of adverts for children’s toys now I watch nothing but children’s television. The majority of the items being advertised are, let’s face it, garbage. Plastic garbage that will be lucky to see out boxing day before Grandpa sits on it, daddy bins it or child realises it is what it is: garbage.

So, for today’s delectation, I saw Doggie Doo being advertised.

I’m sorry, is this a game where you get to pick up poo?! I thought you could go out on the streets and do that for free?

Will wonders* never cease?



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