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The art of busyness

I didn’t actually know that busyness was a real word – in fact, I’m still not overly convinced. I have little time to blog anymore (see my POST here), I have little time to do anything anymore. I am a working, church-going, human-climbing frame with too many fat fingers in too many fat pies.

I love being involved in different things, the more time-consuming projects I see being tweeted about or in the education circular on the staff room table, the more I want in. Ironically, the more chores that need completing at home, the less I want in. This is much to DW’s dismay.

It’s not strictly true that I get nothing done, I am just a person who is interested in many things. Always have been. I want to do it all and can’t. It’s quite simple – I am a husband and father (of three) and have a stressful and very busy job. I am hugely fortunate/blessed however, as I love my job (my family too, of course!) there are times when it is exhausting: physically and mentally, occasionally emotionally but I love it. See HERE. But, I get things done. DW is very patient with me and gives me the time I need and want to achieve my mammoth lists – she’s a good ‘un.

Amongst the trials and tribulations of being a distressed dad: bathtimes, sleeptimes and occasional days out, I am an assistant head at a school which is now in Special Measures – it’s no secret, the Ofsted report is out. Despite all this, I am still, perhaps foolishly taking on another monster project to end the year with. Last summer, we performed Shakespeare 4 Kidz version of Macbeth. It almost killed me. I was seeing daggers in my sleep, smoke machines at every turn and constantly had make-up or scripts littering my beloved tidy desk for several weeks. So, upon the sage advice from DW I thought about directing something smaller this summer. Something easier.

I thought again.

We are performing The Tempest, also by Shakespeare 4 Kidz.

It is going to be a stormy and hectic ride; alongside Y6/7 transition, reports, me leaving (I have a new job), countless data profiles to prepare for SLT, staff and governors and HMI popping in. All in 35 days!

I am extremely excited about it. True.

The sensible thing would be to take a relaxing week off, calm and chilled before the storm. So I decided to mark SATs reading papers too.

I don’t know is the answer to your questions. I just don’t know. Soz.

Tim Chester’s helpful book on ‘busyness‘ and how we should approach it.


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