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Tag Rugby plans Y3

After years of teaching tag rugby to Y6, my first foray into teaching Y3 was not quite as successful as I first had hoped. I quickly discovered that I would have to seriously tailor my plans. Week 1 alone was going to take at least 2/3 weeks…

Well, at least until the children get used to how I run things and how quickly I expect them to get changed, warmed up etc…

One tip for reducing the time it takes to get changed is to play Bruce Springsteen’s Born to run. 4 and a half minutes of adrenalin-filled class. That’s how long they have to get changed – no more.

Below are my plans for autumn 1 – year 3 tag rugby.

Many thanks to @ali_bowman23 @sarah__wright1 @stephenconnor7 and anyone else I’ve missed (soz) for their help and plans. Cheers.

MTP grid tag rugby Y3

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Things I’ve learnt part III

So, I’ve not posted for a while – been a bit hectic over at Waldram Towers. Sarah (The Wife) has started work part-time on a temporary basis. Thankfully it’s at a school she knows; one that we met at (arrrr x) so she should be settling in well. However, she does have the treat of year 6! I guess the eqiuivalent would be if I had to go and teach the ankle biters for a few weeks. I think I’d give myself a generous 3 or 4 minutes before I imploded/exploded or just went insane!

So, busy at the ranch, busy at school and busy all over – not much time to check in and blog on. I am currently writing this before the bedtime routine starts and both children are busy watching the Purple One. Yup, it aint my choice, I try not to think about Him anymore… the stuff of nightmares. True Story.

What have I learnt then since our last digital outing? I am not quite the agile and fit young man of my youth (yes mum, I know you would disagree, as would you Woodings!) I think playing tag rugby with my class today highlights that, one of my boys, JT, neatly side-stepped me and my mind was willing but my ankle wasn’t.




Lesson 1 – In the words of Murtagh, I’m too old for this …

What also amused me this week was Monday night. I cooked tea for the family, Sarah was working late, we had a roast chicken with veg and the rest – very tasty, even if I do say so myself. Beth and I were talking and when her attention was diverted, Sam plucked up his carrots and neatly deposited them on Beth’s plate. A neat move. The only thing that let it down was that he didn’t replace the carrots with one of her roast potatoes… he has much to learn.

Lesson 2 – the Boy doesn’t like carrots

The class blog – 6BW – is on fire. Quadblogging is proving to be great fun, loads of visits, comments and posts. The children are really engaged in what they are doing. It’s fantastic to see how enthused they are and how instant a line of communication can be made between 4 schools (5 if you include the one I have set up with South Wingfield – the wife’s current posting).

Lesson 3 – Blog’s rule.

Ok, the Purple One is singing and my ears are bleeding.

Keep reading and I’ll keep blogging. Smooches.

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