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New Twitter feed

So, for a while now we’ve been playing with phrases and words at school. Some of which, dear blogger, you are familiar with: blogtastic, Beauty Street and of course, the famous and wrong on so many levels – well more betterer.
It’s been our mission (Mr Thurlow’s and mine) to get these words into the year 6 mindset and further afield – the digital ether. Check previous posts and you will see that we are slowly sneaking these phrases, courtesy of the Waldram Dictionary, into the lexicon of everyday life.
Our mission: To wait until a primetime BBC newsreader uses the tag #wellmorebetterer at some point in their breaking news. Job done. Kick back. Retire. Simples.
As part of this two-man crusade, I have created a new Twitter ego: wellmorebetterer. His part in the mission is to source out tweets and blogs that are deemed well more betterer and to promote them to the world. Again, simples.
So, watch out, listen up and join the masses. You too could be well more betterer.

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